Where it all began…

In January 2019 we made a decision to build a new business from scratch. We wanted to create something we could build up and work in around our busy lives and young family, as Owen continues to work full time as a carpenter and Bianca studying in Health and Physical Education, while also raising our (now) three children. We both have a passion for health and fitness and Bianca always wanted to own and run a juice bar, so together we made this dream a reality and That Juice Bar was born. Over 12 months Owen worked hard in his spare time to bring our visions to life and transformed our cute little 1972 Glenlee caravan into what it is today (all whilst Bianca worked hard behind the scenes growing another baby). And just like that life became busier than ever before! We wouldn’t have it any other way. So this is us and all our hard work and dedication, ready to bring to you fresh juice and smoothies to enjoy.

Our Caravan

You wouldn’t recognise our little 1972 Glenlee caravan if you knew it before. It has undergone a complete transformation bringing it in line with current trends all whilst keeping its vintage charm. After being completely gutted, Owen fitted our van with quality timber bench tops and furnishings, creating a layout that works best for the space. Owen even built and installed all windows himself, and gave the van a new paint job. Everything about our little van was created and constructed by Owen, and his craftsmanship should not go unnoticed. His attention to detail is just one example of the dedication we have toward creating a thoughtful, sustainable, successful business.  

Our vision

Our menu has been thoughtfully created, our juices and smoothies are simple yet tasty (and good for you), and are made with only fresh produce. A key aspect we wanted to ensure when creating our business was that there were no added nasties hidden in our products to make them taste sweeter, we believe the fruit used is sweet enough and our juices/smoothies reflect this.  People can be confident that they are consuming something that not only tastes amazing, but is good for them too. We have selected high quality appliances, our Hurom slow juicer and Omniblend blenders will ensure our juices/smoothies are packed full of flavour and nutrients. We strive to source our produce locally where possible and as such our menu changes depending on what’s in season. We are environmentally conscience, using biodegradable single use items and discount incentives for customers who choose to bring their own cups. We hope that by providing this beverage option, consumers will appreciate the health benefits and that parents know that while they are giving their children a treat, what they are consuming is actually healthy for them.